View Full Version : Anybody at Chicago's HIN last night?

05-11-2008, 05:57 PM
So, did anyone from Illinois go last night?? I didn't, it was my moms birthday, so i spent the day with her. I guess i really lucked out though. My good friend went with some people and they said it was actually really good. Sound Performance, the shop that did my swap and will be doing my tuning for me, was there and was asking about me. :( I wish i would'a gone so i could shoot the shit with them.

But, my friend last night called me and said there were two 1990 All-Tracs there!!! He said they were fairly stock looking, except for the wheels. Both had some aftermarket rims on them. One was cherry red and the other was black. I called him this morning and he told me that he later got to meet the two owners. One of them is from Shaumburg and the other is from Wisconsin. But he gave them both my number and told them about the meet in Springfield that we are having. :bigthumbu

So, hopefully i will get a call from them and maybe show them the site. But, maybe they'll even want to come the meet.