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05-01-2008, 07:47 PM
Wanting to do a engine swap on my 1991 celica vert. I have 5SFE 5sp M/T right now. I've found a JDM ST202 3rd gen 3SGE with LSD tranny for a good price. Engine comes with ECU, harness

I've been lurking on the forum for a while just doing general reading and I'm sure someone here has done a 3sge swap before....


1.. Will I need to chg my axles for the 3SGE swap (i currently have the 5sge engine)? I've read that specifically the pssngr side axle is different for the 3SGE engine...is this true?

2. Will there be issues with wiring harness mating to existing fuse boxes?

3. How difficult is it to find parts for this engine?

If someone has any other info / gotchas to loook out for to do this swap, it is appreciated.



05-01-2008, 08:20 PM
it depends on what transmission comes with the 3sge... Im pretty sure its just a S series trans which is the same transmission that comes with your celica pretty much... do you have any pics of the clip/tranny specific.. well the gear box atleast?

1.) Like I stated above it depends on what tranny the car has in it... if its a S series trans you will be able to use the same axles... if its a E15x transmission you will need new axles amoung other parts...

2.) I have not done this swap so I cannot really answer this for you, I can tell you with a 3sgte swap I have plugged the body harness parts right into the fuse box and had everything working flawlessly. Assuming your referring to the fuse box thats in the engine bay? Chances are you will need wiring done to make that motor work with your ecu/car.

3.) not really sure... I belive there is some info on this swap.. you might want to PM Korean joey as he has a 3sge in his 5th gen.

05-04-2008, 06:44 PM
I wired the 3rd gen 3sge into Koreanjoey's car.
NOTHING matches.
conectors are all different (his was anyway) and the pins aren't the right size either.
LOTS of soldering and shrink wrapping.
I ended up using an EWD (electrical wiring diagram) (toyota)) from a 96 celica, and most everything was the same. the one problem I had was the way the newer ecu grounds the circuit opening realy, but that ws simple enough, I just added an external ground.
Not the easiest wiring job ever.