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12-04-2004, 05:12 PM
I remember you telling me about the car in your sig at the meet in madtown. its a fiat right? how functional is that wing on the back? what kind of racing do you use it for? on the street that wing probebly makes the honda boys jealous.

12-04-2004, 07:24 PM
Unfortunately the car pictured in my sig is not mine. That is a picture of an actual Dallara race car. One of which I wish I had. That is my goal, to build my car like that. I still have mixed feeling on the wing however. I like it but I don't. The reason I like it is because it does actually do something. But the racing that I do I doubt that I will ever reach a speed on the coarse where having it on the car will benifeit me so I doubt I will put one on.
My car on the other hand still needs alot of work. It is multi- colored with a stock engine and needs lot's of suspension work still. This February if all goes well I will be spending about $3500 in just suspension parts. Converting to heim joints for every joint with adjustable dampening coil-overs. I'll also be building the SOHC 1.5L with a goal of 150-170Hp for now redlining at 9k RPM. As I make progress on it this spring I'll be sure to post pics of it in this section.

In the mean time.......