View Full Version : Guess I'm gonna be changing a drive axle this weekend

04-19-2008, 03:47 AM
found out the problem to my vibration, the cv joint is loose. My take is that it was waiting til it had enough momentum, and then would be thrown out of ballance, and letting off the gas would set it back in ballance. It wouldnt be that big of a hurry, I mean I still have the geo to drive, but my brothers car sprung a fuel leak in the feed line which runs the whole body of the car, and I dont think its worth fixing. So while he's most likely in the market for a new car, he's going to have to rely on the celica since its still an auto. On the plus side, I probably wont be paying to have the axle replaced, on the down side I have to do some communications class stuff and wanted to get it done this weekend. This is gonna be long weekend :(

04-19-2008, 04:59 AM
Where is the axle loose? If it's on the hub side you might be looking at a new wheel bearing also.

04-19-2008, 05:08 AM
no the bearing is good, its the CV joint right at the transmission. I just hope this isnt too much of a pain in my ass

04-19-2008, 01:24 PM
^We'll soon find out won't we? :hehe:

04-19-2008, 07:15 PM
ok have it popped out of the transmission, took about 5 minutes after I found my pry bar. Just wedged it in, put my foot up against it and kept pushing and releasing til it finally popped out. Now I gotta run in town and get a socket to fit the wheel nut. I wish I could have attempted to get it out of there first, but circumstances didnt call for it. At any rate, I'll be happy once I take this one in for the new one, will be so much easier to put in

04-19-2008, 09:46 PM
well, bad news, whoever put that axle in last only torqued it clear up to the 130 whatever torque spec, and instead of backing it off and retorquing it to the 50, its stuck at that 130 and is corroded in place. So what this means is, I cant get the nut off, so I have to put the axle back in the tranny and say hell with it. I suppose when I'm ready to give it another try I'll be getting a hub for it as well