View Full Version : Exhaust thoughts

04-09-2008, 04:00 AM
Anyone who has looked under a Mk1 MR2 knows that the exhaust bends back and forth across the car and is rather long. I am looking at making my own. It will come off of the header and almost straight back (slight bend to the passenger side to so it exits in the stock location). I would like to use a resonator to keep the buzzing down and would also like to have a fairly straight through muffler. But I would like it to stay quiet. So my question is: Is there a resonably priced straight through muffler that isn't loud? Or am I stuck with a chambered muffler. I am looking at using 2.5" all the way through. Any thoughts?

My old exhaust was all welded together by the previous owner. This includes the manifold to the b-pipe. I have a header (looks aftermarket, but unsure) on my spare AE 111 4A-GZE, and can put the rest of the exhaust together myself. The current exhaust is rusting and has started to leak. I patched it up but that is temporary at best. I need to fix this right. Thanks