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02-24-2005, 01:18 PM
Ok all you celica people finialy i have lots of pic of my 4th gen and it from the begining of my ownership!

First a full run down on the spec...

- power windows and mirrors as standard and sunroof
- front seats died black
- CELICA in the celica font sewn into the black vinal door inserts
- apexi turbo timer (based on the O2 sensor not rpm)
- Viper EMS 700 black wire alarm/3 point imoblizer
- 2in autometer air/fuel ratio gauge in crome cup on a-piler
- 2in autometer vac/boost 30psi gauge in crome cup on a-piler
- Issota black 350mm streering wheel with 'nitrous' buttons for horns
- 4in lower gear stick
- Autotechnica black and crome gear knob

- Blaupunkt casablanca CD-51 Head deck
- Blaupunkt GTA 450 4x50rms amp powering front splits and sub!
- Blaupunkt GT217 6.5in Component (splits in custom MDF door pods)
- Blaupunkt GT217 6.5in Coxa in custom 10mm MDF rear shelf
- Power Acoustik 12in sub in box in the boot!

Running gear:-
- JDM St185 3s-gte with 3s-ge s-53 fwd gear box (started moved to other side of box with mod to bell housing!
- Turbosmart dual stage MBC (manual boost control) Low @ 7psi, High @ 11-12psi
- Oil catch can
- K&N pod Filter
- NGK Irdium Plugs
- Top Gun lead kit
- Monza Type III BOV

Suspension, Brakes and Wheels:-
- Lowered all round on 30mm drop King Springs
- KYB gas shocks all round
- 22mm solid whiteline sway bar
- 18mm solid whiteline sway bar
- Polyurathane bushes all round
- Front st185 twin piston brake upgrade
- Front st185 rotors
- American Racing: 15inx7in Snipers polished finish!
- 205/50R15 tyres

- St185 (5th gen gt-4) hood scoop and vents moulded to st162 (4th gen) bonnet.
- skraches and dents!!!!!

I think that it...and the story with all the pics.....

In the begining we had bog....stock...hairdresser celica....
Then that shity side decal come off...lol
The engine bay before my hand and my mechanics' dirty hands touched it!
This is the power graph of her particly stock..read the hand writing in picy for the mods...if u can read my crap...lol
Then i did some stuff to the inside of the car and fitted the ICE!
Then a whole heap of time past where i blow a gear box up...and a heaps of other shit...then my number 1 big end went and i can hear the conrod taping and the piston taping.....so i go and get a half cut!!!....
This was my office for a couple of nights while it was doing the conversion... mainly the wiring with them celica wiring books!
The result of my mechanics and my own tops efforts...the engine bay as is!
The power graph of the 3s-gte at the wheels on the same dyno as the one before...at this stage the factor boost controler was still in with a home made bleed valve...u can see the boost go right to the set 12psi then fall down cause of shity exhaust and t-vsv (factory boost controler).
The brake upgrade and them painted..also rear ones painted too!
The GT-2 as is now...inside and out!





So there u guys go...the best thread i've ever done with the gt-2 in detail for the first time!!!!! i hope u guys and girls like!

Nezza :wiggle:

02-24-2005, 08:20 PM
your car rocks... That 3s-ge was really clean too ! I'd trade one anyday even the 1st gen for my 5s-fe ;)

02-24-2005, 09:06 PM
Very nice!!! CLEAN too!!!

02-25-2005, 12:50 AM
your car rocks... That 3s-ge was really clean too ! I'd trade one anyday even the 1st gen for my 5s-fe ;)

it would be a down grade

02-25-2005, 03:18 AM
well i woudl have to say nice job on the swap.. clean car but those rims just arn't me... but otherwise props to u.

02-25-2005, 05:04 AM
Good work! Looks like you have been busy, car has cleaned up nice.. the hood looks good too! I like the guages in the interior, I bet its a blast to drive! Nice!