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02-18-2008, 08:55 AM
I did a swap feom 3sfe to a 5sfe jem engine. In this process nearly all the parts from my original engine passed to the new one so I could use all the car's original parts. So far the car starts and runs pretty well. However, I am worried about the EGR. At the jdm's block we drilled a hole at the same place where the EGR pipe was connected to the old engine so I could use my old intake and EFI systems. I notice that now, as with the old engine's block, there is a "tunnel" that goes from that EGR hole to some other place... does anyone know what is that other place about? and if you know, is this end oppened in JDM 5SFE engines by default? or should I drill another hole at that end?... if so, can some one tell me where is that end? I just want to know the theory,


02-18-2008, 01:11 PM
It runs to the exhaust port.
EGR puts a small amount of exhaust gas back into the intake, to cool the combustion temps [displaces oxygen, so less oxygen, less fuel = lower temps] to prevent a certain exhaust gas from forming [Nitrogen Oxides].

I don't know if it is there [the "lower half"] in JDM engines or not.
Honestly, unless it is physically check to see if it works during an inspection, it's not 100% necessary.

02-19-2008, 03:17 AM
I like SMOG!!!

Thanks for the answer!! Today, I took out the vacum sensor from the EGR (I have automatic transmission) and I felt how some dirty air was going out. It smelled like exhaust gas and with this I confirmed that my EGR valve was getting exhaust gas from the hole we did drill to place the EGR tube. I did ordered an new EGR valve and in few days I am hoping to connect replace the super old one. Now, I can say EGR can be placed on my new JDM engine!!!