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02-22-2005, 04:22 AM
Or as I say, Cuntour...

I pulled up to a stop light.. fucking with my CD player and my GF says to me.. "you're going to race them aren't you?" and I said.. race who?

I didn't have any plans to race em.. didn't even notice them.. so I thought what the fuck.. got the metallica rolling on the cd.. this road.. runs along side an airport in my town.. funny enough called airport road.. anywho I took it slow for a little bit I wanted to get past the intersections where I knew it would be safer to hit the pedal..

Come out to the highway overpass and I let it rip from the last stop light.. I'm winning the whole time.. until I shifted slightly to soon into 5th.. If I woulda ran 4th into the 5's I would've been better off in 5th gear.. Cuntour pulled ahead of me then.. We were coming up to intersections at that point and I said fuck it and just downshifted and hit the brake.. no way in hell am I doing over 90 through an intersection.. I don't need an accident or a ticket.. the nut kept flying though.. dude was insane so if he wants to say he won he can have it.

Lesson learned.. Some days that 5sfe has it and others it's a pig.. Need 3sgte!

D Devil
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03-01-2005, 12:36 AM
Keep the motor your car weighs to much!!

John L.