View Full Version : Impending swap...

02-03-2008, 07:50 AM
It never fails. While I'm waiting until I have a place with a garage to tear down and completely rebuild my hatchback, a great deal on a 3S-GTE falls in my lap. A guy I know just ordered the RC version for his all-trac, and offered me his old engine, harness, and ECU at a price I won't be able to pass up. My plans for the hatchback are way to detailed to complete quickly, but the coupe could take the swap right now. It isn't like I'm going to do it haphazardly, but there's no point putting it in the hatchback to just get taken out again. The only really major issue the coupe has is the power steering problem I mentioned in another thread, but that pump will be a lot easier to change with the motor out. :)

Now, there'd be no point doing this without replacing the tired 219,000 miles old tranny as well. I'm thinking I'll pick up a rebuilt MR2 one and reverse the linkage. What do you guys think? Anyone know a good place to get a rebuilt tranny without a core charge? Failing that, anywhere that will take the 3S-FE version as the core? Or should I just get a used Japanese tranny?

As old as the tranny is, I may swap it to the hatchback temporarily because it is still in better shape than my poor A140L. So I'd like to avoid a core charge, but I will succumb to it if I must. Any suggestions on what to do or where to go will be appreciated!