View Full Version : Broken E-Brake

01-28-2008, 05:09 PM
Hey Guys-

My E-brake cable snapped on me sometime ago. I havent had time to get around and fix it. Anyone ever have this brake on them, or know what would be involved in getting this fixed?


01-28-2008, 06:41 PM
Well depending where it broke you would have to replace the whole unit. This involves removing you rear brakes (drums or disks), and disconnecting the old and putting in the new. This does depend on where it broke. Me, it broke in the rear disks which i will replace the cable soon when i put in my sway bars.

01-29-2008, 07:30 AM
Which cable broke?

There are three: left, right and the short cable joining the left and right cables to the handle.