View Full Version : NEED HELP 1988 celica gts fwd

01-26-2008, 10:15 PM
Hey Guys im new to this site i need some help>!

Well i just bought a 1988 Celica Gts FWD 3S-GE st162 >> and has 230***KM

i have every ting runninggood but it idles at 1300 rpm some times 2400 rpm... i put the jumper in on t1 e1 and it idles ats 1000rpm then i timed it for 1000 rpm .. i have oplayed with the idle screw and it help but it still idles high?! i have check all the vaccum lines !

when i block the hole o the intake hose little bit past the air filter it idles higher . i let go and drops........ any ideas!

i have replaced the fuel filter spark plugs. vaccum lines if you can please do ...

01-31-2008, 06:55 PM
Just so you know your Celica is considered to be a fourth generation Celica. If you post there, it will be seen more, as there aren't enough visitors to the Classic section.

In regard to your problem. Look into a Throttle Position Sensor (commonly called a TPS). I had a similar issue on my old 1990 GT and this solved it.

When/if you buy the sensor, drive around for a half hour or so to calibrate the sensor. Your idle should then be normal.

If that doesn't solve it, it may need a tune up, mass airflow sensor, O2 sensor, etc.

I can't think of other stuff off of the top of my head and must leave for class.

Do a search for "Idle", which will yield many returns, but you may find something.