View Full Version : Help! 1988 Celica GTS FWD High Idle problem

01-26-2008, 09:00 PM
Hey Guys im new to this site i need some help>!

Well i just bought a 1988 Celica Gts FWD 3S-GE st162 >> and has 230***KM

i have every ting runninggood but it idles at 1300 rpm some times 2400 rpm... i put the jumper in on t1 e1 and it idles ats 1000rpm then i timed it for 1000 rpm .. i have oplayed with the idle screw and it help but it still idles high?! i have check all the vaccum lines !

when i block the hole o the intake hose little bit past the air filter it idles higher . i let go and drops........ any ideas!

i have replaced the fuel filter spark plugs. vaccum lines if you can please do ... :wtf:

01-27-2008, 06:31 PM
its either a vaccum leak, a bad TPS sensor, or a faulty idle air control valve. take it to a mechanic and have him throw it on a smoke machine. it pumps inert smoke into the intake, and if theres a leak, you will see smoke coming out of it. check the intake manifold gaskets and the throttle body gasket. if those are good, check your idle air control. inside your throttle body before the butterfly valve, there should be a decent size hole in the bottom. cover it with your finger. the idle should drop significantly. now im no pro with the 3SGE engines. i know more about the 5SFE, so any of you 3SGE guru's feel free to correct me if im wrong.