View Full Version : Alternator consensus

01-02-2008, 06:47 PM
I'm curious to see if anyone here has a higher output alternator?

If so, list the specs and where you found it.

I recently purchased a remanufactured Toyota alternator for my SC that puts out 120amps. I was going to get a 180 but I figured that was overkill.

The 120 should suit my electronics needs. I have a subwoofer and amp, radar, interior lighting, and various other things. Plus, I always thought that 80amps was a little underkill for how much luxurious electronic goodies the SC has compared to the Supra having a 100amp alternator.

The stock 5S alternator is 80amps as well.

i have yet to install my new one, but the guy shipped it this past Saturday and I got it Monday. He was probably the best auto parts acquaintance I have ever done business with.

he is on Ebay and i will post the name later.