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12-28-2007, 02:48 AM

I spend all day Friday and Saturday checking wires and I give up. Friday I had a code 43, No STA signal to ECU when engine stopped and engine running over 800 RPM.

I checked the continuity of the wire that goes from the ignition to the Igniter, Coil and Injectors. In its was good. I then checked the continuity of the wires that when for the igniter, coil, and distributor to the ECU. They were also good. I had a rodent problem, so I thought they might had eaten a wire. The only wires that I found bad, were the ones for the sunroof.

I put everything together tried to start the engine and nothing. I have no spark know, but I can smell gas. Not sure if itís from the injectors or the cold injector. Checked codes again and this time I had a code 12. No Ne, G signal to ECU within several seconds after engine is cranked.

I checked connections, power supply to coil and igniter, and checked signal generator. I also checked the resistance to the coil and I have a question on that. The book said that the primary resistance should be 0.3-0.5 and secondary 7.7 Ė10.4K. Mine was 1.0 primary and 20.5K secondary. Does it mean that is bad? The book also asked to check IGT signal to the ECU, but I canít find how in the book.

At first I had no gas from main injectors and now no spark. :wtf: Could the Igniter had gone bad or is it the ECU? Does the Igniter control spark and fuel delivery?

I just donít know what else to check and my brain is fried. Any ideas?

Sorry for the long post, but Iím trying to give as much info as I can.

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I have in 86' Celica GTS with the 3SGE engine. I just got done installing a JDM engine and it's not starting. At first it was just turning over and not starting. Today I spent sometime looking at it and figured that the cold start injector was not working, the temperature sensor plug was loose. After I fixed that the engine would start, rev up to about 1500 RPM's and die. So, the cold start injector is starting the car, but the injectors are not firing. I got a NOID light tester and checked the injector plugs for power, all of them blinked just fine. I bought an ohmmeter to test the injectors resistance. I tested the first two and they had the proper resistance, so I did not test the last two. I figured it should start with at least two good ones. I had an extra fuel pressure sensor so I also replaced that with no luck.

I donít know what else to do or check. I keep reading my Chilton book and canít find the answer. Can someone please help me?

Thanks for you time

12-28-2007, 06:27 AM
You need fuel, spark and compression.
Since it starts for and runs for a little while it sounds like you have fuel and spark but if they are coming at the wrong time you have no compression.
Double check ignition cables for proper connection at distributor.
Is it possible the fuel injectors are not connected correctly?
Finally double check all sensors are connected because it is possible after initial start an open sensor is screwing up the ECU.

12-28-2007, 09:33 PM
I'm not sure with that particular swap.. but if the fuel pump needs to be on constant.. you might be needing to do what the other 3S-GTE swap guys do an jump the fuel pump connector.

The stock NA fuel pump was setup to actually run intermediatly (spell?).

The reason I bring that up, is because it sounds much like what a 3S-GTE swap does.

91 Celica GT-S
12-29-2007, 01:32 AM
one time i pulled my motor and tranny out and when i put it all back together it was giving me shit like that sometimes it would run for a second then turn off. i had spark and fuel. turns out one of the wires to the distributor broke. so maybe it wasnt sending the spark when it was suppose to.