View Full Version : Engine shot?

12-22-2007, 04:18 AM
So ya, idk if any of you remember me posting a video of my car a few weeks ago because of a knocking problem and what not, well, i had to continue driving it because it is my dd and my only car and only transportation available to me, etc....well, last night, it had apparently had enough as i cranked it to leave work and it just sounded like it fell apart inside...and before it completely crapped on me, it would go fine to 3k rpms, but if i tried to go further than that, it would just bog down and crap out there, and that was every gear...now, well last night, it felt like it lost power totally, like starting out in first it felt like i was starting from a dig in 2nd gear...and now the knocking sound "travels" throughout the top of my motor...luckily tomorrow night i am having an uncle who knows a lot about cars and who has been helping me out lately, coming into town and is going to open 'er up with me what not so hopefully we will actually find something so we know what needs to be fixed and hopefully its nothing big and that its something that we can get parts for and do ourselves....we are thinking its something like broken valve(s) so ya, i will post tomorrow night with the news...whew....