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11-25-2007, 02:23 PM
So here's my new project that kinda happened by accident.(No pun intended)
Long story short, a guy I used to work with has a teen daughter that was driving this car, she hits deer, guy calls me and says get it outta my yard and it's yours. And here I am. The damage is pretty much superficial, no internal damage was done except for the airbags of course. So all I need to do is the bumper, one high beam lens, passenger fender, hood, windshield, both airbags, and a little straightening of the radiator and bumper supports. Once it's done I will be selling it and using some of the proceeds to revive my 5thgen. So at this point everything depends on me getting parts I can afford and we all know how that goes. The airbags seem to be the biggest problem, they are a dime a dozen for 5thgens, but I have yet to find a single one for even a reasonable price for 6thgens. So keep your ears open and let me know if you come accross anything I might be interested in.

11-25-2007, 02:32 PM
if its an auto i know someone that will buy it right now

orrrrrrrrrr there is a red 6g that is close by i can get part $ for u within the next few days

and i go up to athens ga every 2-3 weeks so i may be able to meet u

11-25-2007, 02:37 PM
It's a stick. Let me know what parts you can get. Red reminds me, I should have mentioned I'm looking for red parts, I'm not interested in doing any painting. Thanks Joe!

11-25-2007, 06:45 PM
Nice dude, that will be an easy fix. And it seems like 6th gens go for at least 6,000...if you were gonna sell it.

11-25-2007, 08:00 PM
looks like mine... I went under a ford excursion and I still have the mark of the diff on my hood... my air bags went off.... but honestly there not that hard to replace..I have the same year car and all.

11-25-2007, 08:20 PM
Yep, already yanked all the airbag guts, just need to find some replacements. I wish I lived in Spokane Geebes, I'm only lookin at $3000-$3500 down here.

11-25-2007, 08:35 PM
well my father had the same car with the same damage, i went the junkyard and just bought a 90-93 celica airbag and steering wheel for 50 bucks. replace the windsheild for 120 new. the fender was 65, small other things added up too about 600 with paint. and ended up selling it for 4200. bought it for 600. thats where i got my enkei rims from. so if you have a hard time finding the airbag for that model just replace it with a older one. i am sure members have some laying around. for the passengers. it did not look to bad when it popped so we just cut the blown airbag and snapped back in the passenger airbag cover back on. it did not look bad at all.

11-25-2007, 09:22 PM
I thought about using a 5g steering wheel but with whole interior being black including the wheel I didn't want to use another color wheel. The passenger bag cracked the lid in half when it blew so I at least have to get a new lid. I wish I could find a windshield for that cheap though. Did that include install?

11-25-2007, 10:04 PM
yes that was in the price. and they came to the house and installed it, i knew you where going to say about the steering wheel different color.we painted it black with some basic vinyle paint, worked fine and looked good with no problems. the 5th gen steering wheel is always a option if you can not find a airbag. and getting a new lid for the passenger airbag is a good idea and cheap.

11-26-2007, 12:17 AM
Do you remember the name of the glass place? I might try and see if there is one here.

11-26-2007, 12:35 AM
use a cheap aftermarket wheel if all else fails and pull out the air bag light

go here too


11-26-2007, 12:43 AM
Car-part is where I usaully go. I would use an aftermarket wheel but some of the city's here have restrictions about removing safety equipment and i don't want to rule out any potential buyers.

11-26-2007, 12:45 AM
ga is strange at times

11-26-2007, 01:59 AM
Nice snag, and good luck on the repairing.

11-26-2007, 11:09 AM
Thanks, I hope it goes smoothly.

11-26-2007, 01:06 PM
that will be a good looking car once it's repaired.

11-27-2007, 02:29 AM
I like the inside more than the outside. I like everything about the 6gs except for the design of the lower part of the front bumper and the tail lights. 6gs are one of the few styles that I like the coupe as much as the liftback.