View Full Version : All_trac sighting in IL 11-18-2007

11-19-2007, 02:36 AM
So I am driving the family back in the Avalon from an early thanksgiving get together on sunday. Cruising at 75+ mgh I spy a red 5th gen celica ahead on I-74. I bump up a couple mph to gain on it quicker and think that its either a mirage or a gas tank hanging down...I tell my wife "I think its an all-trac"!!! As we get closer, she notices the custom Ohio license plates and confirrms that it says "alltrac" on the back. So at 75 mph I start honking the horn to try and get the drivers attention. He doesn't hear me for a long time, but finally looks over and has this what the heck do you want look on his face. I try to yell, but the speed and wind kept any words from being exchanged. So my wife starts hanging out of the car and doing the talking for me. So we exhange basic hellos and say see you on the web...and keep driving. He followed us for quite a while and was passing us when we were coming up to a REST AREA. I waved for him to turn in as he passed the traffic ahead of us and he merged quickly into the parking area. His name was Andrew and it was either a 92 or 93 ST185 with 180k. He has only owned it for a couple of months and says its all stock. It was pretty clean and looked like it ran pretty well. We are going to stay in touch and hopefully get together at a meet next year. So if you see a red Celica all-trac in Columbus Ohio, it could be Andrew aka ZERO SNTY.

11-19-2007, 02:48 AM
thats an hour from here haha and thats awesome, so does he roam around c-tech or are you gonna get him to? I could meet up with him some time

11-19-2007, 03:07 AM
Todd your my hero. That was awesome!