View Full Version : Thoughts on the 4age swap in a ST

02-17-2005, 08:09 AM
Hi, guys,

i was talking to a friend of mine yesterday who owns a Corolla and he got me thinking again about a swap from a 4age into my 1991 ST. According to what he said i can leave the block as it is cause they are the same, and i will just replace the head, harness and ecu. He also said that it may be a good idea to use some of the internals from the 4age engine since they are more durable than the ones on the 4afe.

If this is all that has to be done it does not seem like a lot of work. Will in your opinion the transmission and cooling of the ST handle the engine well enough?

Please, give me your thoughts.

02-17-2005, 09:11 AM
ok so if you are replacing internals, why not buy a long block? you have a few options.

The regular 4age (1st gen from the mk1 MR2, or the 2nd gen (JDM spec, i'm not sure what they came in stock) drops in with no real problems, and I believe it will mate with your tranny. You can get them for 500 dollars or less as well.

However, you can also go with a 4agze (supercharged) engine, and get a half-cut from japan for 1k or so, which includes everything you will need for the swap besides the maintenance work you will need to do. Lots of power and tuneability from this option. Something like 180hp or so from the JDM 4agze right out of the box.

Also, you can opt for the 4age 20v, and there are writeups on this available through this site (not sure where, I haven't concerned myself with the information recently). This option is also quite tuneable and is a wonderful setup for reliability, economy, tuneability, and general all around fun.