View Full Version : One down, one to go....

11-05-2007, 02:58 PM
I finished my intake, exhaust gasket repair. Both manifolds were warped, exhaust by time, intake and air control valve by last mechanic to touch this car who swirled off gaskets and left deep gouges. Also had three busted bolts that had to be removed (my EZ outs couldn't handle it). Newly conditioned (correct) injectors w/ new FI clips soldered and encased in shrink tubing (easier than I thought and way better than when mechanic did it w/ wrong clips/injectors). All correct engine supports, manifold stays (etc) now installed. Test drive was great, except for temp gauge which dropped to C when I accelerated and came back to normal when I came off the gas. Partial accelerations resulted in partial drops in gauge. Any ideas?

Took digital pics and notes start to finish. Everything unplugged and marked. All screws/nuts/springs in separate drawers of plastic shop cabinet. Had BGB divided into 6 different binders, each page in plastic sleeve. Every nut/bolt torqued to spec. Damn, almost felt like I knew what I was doing. First time ever no extra parts. Good thing, yeah, but took all the fun out of guessing what I left off..... perhaps a coolant sensor plug??

11-06-2007, 01:30 AM
sounds like a bad (stuck open) t-stat.