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02-16-2005, 11:46 AM
Ok all you celica people finialy i have lots of pic of my 4th gen and it from the begining of my ownership!

First a full run down on the spec...

- power windows and mirrors as standard and sunroof
- front seats died black
- CELICA in the celica font sewn into the black vinal door inserts
- apexi turbo timer (based on the O2 sensor not rpm)
- Viper EMS 700 black wire alarm/3 point imoblizer
- 2in autometer air/fuel ratio gauge in crome cup on a-piler
- 2in autometer vac/boost 30psi gauge in crome cup on a-piler
- Issota black 350mm streering wheel with 'nitrous' buttons for horns
- 4in lower gear stick
- Autotechnica black and crome gear knob

- Blaupunkt casablanca CD-51 Head deck
- Blaupunkt GTA 450 4x50rms amp powering front splits and sub!
- Blaupunkt GT217 6.5in Component (splits in custom MDF door pods)
- Blaupunkt GT217 6.5in Coxa in custom 10mm MDF rear shelf
- Power Acoustik 12in sub in box in the boot!

Running gear:-
- JDM St185 3s-gte with 3s-ge s-53 fwd gear box (started moved to other side of box with mod to bell housing!
- Turbosmart dual stage MBC (manual boost control) Low @ 7psi, High @ 11-12psi
- Oil catch can
- K&N pod Filter
- NGK Irdium Plugs
- Top Gun lead kit
- Monza Type III BOV

Suspension, Brakes and Wheels:-
- Lowered all round on 30mm drop King Springs
- KYB gas shocks all round
- 22mm solid whiteline sway bar
- 18mm solid whiteline sway bar
- Polyurathane bushes all round
- Front st185 twin piston brake upgrade
- Front st185 rotors
- American Racing: 15inx7in Snipers polished finish!
- 205/50R15 tyres

- St185 (5th gen gt-4) hood scoop and vents moulded to st162 (4th gen) bonnet.
- skraches and dents!!!!!

I think that it...and the story with all the pics.....

In the begining we had bog....stock...hairdresser celica....
Then that shity side decal come off...lol
The engine bay before my hand and my mechanics' dirty hands touched it!
This is the power graph of her particly stock..read the hand writing in picy for the mods...if u can read my crap...lol
Then i did some stuff to the inside of the car and fitted the ICE!
Then a whole heap of time past where i blow a gear box up...and a heaps of other shit...then my number 1 big end went and i can hear the conrod taping and the piston taping.....so i go and get a half cut!!!....
This was my office for a couple of nights while it was doing the conversion... mainly the wiring with them celica wiring books!
The result of my mechanics and my own tops efforts...the engine bay as is!
The power graph of the 3s-gte at the wheels on the same dyno as the one before...at this stage the factor boost controler was still in with a home made bleed valve...u can see the boost go right to the set 12psi then fall down cause of shity exhaust and t-vsv (factory boost controler).
The brake upgrade and them painted..also rear ones painted too!
The GT-2 as is now...inside and out!






So there u guys go...the best thread i've ever done with the gt-2 in detail for the first time!!!!! i hope u guys and girls like!

Nezza :wiggle:

02-16-2005, 11:57 AM
Nice rims

02-16-2005, 10:14 PM

02-17-2005, 08:55 AM
awesome thread nezza.. car is looking tops.. great work. impressive.

02-17-2005, 09:32 AM
very impressive work, great job! your door panel speakers could have used a bit more careful planning, but other than that the car amazes me. hotness, total hotness. :bigthumbu

02-18-2005, 03:25 AM
yeah, nice as man! how did u go about the bonnet scoop modifications?

02-18-2005, 06:59 AM
got a friend's dad to do it for me!!

Thanks for the coments guys...

02-19-2005, 07:35 PM
hey atleast hes still got that trim on the bottom i got fibreglass pods from jb and i had to remove the bottom trim just so that i could fit in the pods miss being able to put shit there but great writeup tops!

02-20-2005, 12:23 PM
Nah i'm pissing that bottom pocket thingy off and making full sick fiberglass pods and CELICA GT-TWO back light curtasy light....you will see it in like 2 months!!!

02-23-2005, 06:19 AM
i'm curious about your monza bov..
how does it sound.. loud, normal.. etc..?
any problems installing it?

02-24-2005, 12:55 PM
FUCKING LOUD!!!! and it just one big and louf PSHHHHT!! (based on how much boost inte h system of course...can't wait to hear her on a 25-30psi discharge, lol

install how i got it....1.5in aliminum piping i had to get and get a exhuast shop with a TIG welder to weld her one for me..i was there in the shop doing most of the fuckign around taking it off and shit just not the welding that it!

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05-01-2007, 01:34 PM
The Heart
Full forged bottom end with (built by Road and Track)
- ACL Race series Pistons (0.5mm over sized and rings @ 8.5:1 Compression ratio)
- Eagle H-Beam rods
- ACL race serise main and big end bearins
- Block decked, crack tested all the stuff tunnel bored for trueness, 0.5mm over bored, crank cryo treated and ground grinded etc
- New oil pump with pressure uprated
- HKS 1.6mm metal head gasket
- Fidanza adjustable cam gears
- Gates racing uprated timing belt
- New water pump
- New idler and tension pullys
- 266degree duration inlet and exhaust cams and both about 10mm lift
- Uprated valve springs and exhast port ported and polished,
- 2JZ US spec 550cc injectors
- Bored out (high flowed) fuel rail
- Custom modified oil sump extra 700-1000mls
- Improved windage tray
- NKG Irdium plugs
- Brained -6 turbo feed line with speed flow fittings
- New dissy cap and rotor
- Top gun spark leads
- Removed T-VIS
- Cam cover painted in black wrinkle paint
- St185 Group A Steel wheel CT26 rebuilt by Mr Turbo, compressor side highflowed with T04E 56trim wheel and turbin blades "cliped" to increase topend flow (a bit more laggy)
- Remote oil filter with -8 braided lines for it and speedflow fittings
- Turbosmart "Sleeper Serise" (all black) "Pro-reg" fuel pressure regualtor with -6 ports and -6braided line to rail and from fillter with braided fuel lines. base pressure will be 50psi.
- Turbosmart "Sleeper Serise" (all balck) type 3 plumb back BOV
- Oil catch can
- K&N pod Filter
- Microtech MT-8
- Apexi AVC-R special black edition. in a custom fiberglass holder on the right side of the factor gauge cluster covered in black vinal
- 3in stainless intake, painted black
- 2in stainless intercooler piping, painted black
- 600 x 300 x 80 Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC), painted black for sleeplyness
- Ebay stainless exhaust manifold
- Ebay 3in stainless dump pipe
- SV21 camry 5 speed FWD box with penrite 75w gear oil and G70 additive
- Soild fill "road and track" front gear box mount.
- 3in straight through muffler

- Lowered all round on 30mm drop King Springs
- KYB gas shocks all round
- 22mm solid whiteline sway bar
- 18mm solid whiteline sway bar
- Polyurathane bushes all round
- ST205 4 piston front brakes ont he front wiht ST205 rotors machined down to 300mm to fit St162 setup, rotors painted red and the "Celica" writing on them sanded black to highlight them.
- Ozzy Wheels: RSGT 17x7in wheels
- 215/45R17 tyres

- power windows and mirrors as standard and sunroof
- White lighting front seats
- "CELICA" in the celica font sewn into the black vinal door inserts
- "GT-TWO" sewn in the rear inserts in black vinal
- Aturbo timer (based on the O2 sensor not rpm)
- Viper EMS 700 black wire alarm/3 point immobilizer
- 2 and 5/8 Stewart Warner, Mechanical Boost (40psi/30vac), Electronic Oil pressure and temp, Water Temp and fuel pressure, in a custom fiberglass gauge cluster covered in black vinal.
- Issota black 350mm steering wheel with 'nitrous' buttons for horns
- 4in lower gear stick
- Autotechnica black and crome gear knob
- Autometer shift light in the custom gauge cluster
- Custom fiberglass door pods that hold the splits and cutsom "curtasy lights" that glow up in red "CELICA GT-TWO" when the door is open
- Custom flat floor fiberglass boot with the battery in the back in a battery box, etc.
- Microtech Hand controler

- Alpine CDA-9855R (the bomb digity thumbup.gif )
- Blaupunkt VD 502: 2x80wRMS Class D digital Amp to power the front splits
- Blaupunkt VPc 172 6.5in Components in the before said custom door pods (120w RMS)
- Epsilon EA-1000D Class D 700w RMS @ 2 omh Mono black amp (to power the sub) ina custom fiberglass box inthe boot!
- Blaupunkt VXS 12 DVC 500wRMS 4 ohm coils 12in
- Pioneer 6.5in 50wRMS splits for the back powered off the head unit in a custom fiberglass shelf

- St185 (5th gen gt-4) hood scoop and vents moulded to st162 (4th gen) bonnet.
- Darkest legal tint.
- skraches and dents!!!!!
- probably more sKraches and dents and more stickers!
- wipers repainted in black wrinkle paint
- New "ozcelica" stickers on the windshield and back side windows.

- Finish off the fiberglass false floor and rear speaker shelf
- Get the rest of the 3in mandrel bent Exhaust and the full power tune to what the turbo can realistically can push.
- Get a spear stock shift stick to mod (shorten properly with the thread cut off and re welded on)
- Get a new gear boot black leather
- Get some 16in rims that fit the brakes for MT's ET slicks or a set or track day semi-slicks
- Turbonetics T series HP-66 Turbo with some huge 50mm ish external gate on a custom 6boost manifold
- Get all the dents and minor rust out and full respray!

- Mum and Dad for helping me out in the funds when i didn't have any and needed the car on the road for study and that. Dad for some ideas and help every now and then.
- My Brother for using his car when the celica off the road and that!
- My mates for help (Russ, Lance, Owen) Carlin for giving me ad car to try and beat, That goes to Lance as well and his evo and before the 4G63 turbo CC FWD machine).
- Peter, the most awesomeist mobile mechanic ever! he taught me particly everything i know about pulling shit apart and putting it back in! and Charging F*** ALL in labour most of the time and talking car shit all day to him while working on the celica!
- Terry from ROAD and TRACK for building the engine that should take abosulte beating and make F*** loads of power, and also putting up with me ringing a million times and my sometimes short fuse, and his continual help with everything!
- 101 Motorcafe, Mainly Rob the tuner and head mechanic there, will be there alot more soon for more tuning and the exhaust.
- Everyone for their support, its my baby and that support gets me through the times i go...ahhhhhh its pissing me off!

also if you look up at some old post that fiberglass pod acturaly took 2 years not 2 months lol! :hehe:

and hte new photos








This power is at 25odd Degrees C, 8.5psi, leaking throttle adaptor, not running correctly soemthign with number 4cylinder (now fixed) and the exhaust cam lobe on number 4 and the exhaust system is only 3in with a ebay 3in dump pipe and 3in flex...after that is a 2.25in press bent system! so room for at least 250hp @ wheels @ 12-13psi easy! she'll be tuned to 20psi-25psi inthe near future!

Doctor Jinxed
05-01-2007, 06:34 PM
absolutely gorgeous car. lovely build too.

05-03-2007, 02:54 AM
:eek: Wow, thats nice!