View Full Version : 7MGTE 440cc on a 5SFTE setup? Anyone have experience with resistor pack wiring?

10-18-2007, 08:49 PM
So I just finished putting in some 7mgte 440cc into my 5sfe. They bolt in just like the stock injectors; no mods required. However, they are low impedance, but I have a resistor pack off a 7mge, which is supposedly the same one that the 7mgte has.

Strangely, the 7mge resistor pack only has two wires coming out of it. Is this right?

I've been doing searches online and it seems like the honda/dsm resistor packs have 5 wires; 4 injector pulse wires and one 12v ignition wire (probably from the injectors).

So since I have a 91 5sfe, could I just splice the injector pulse wire into the resistor box? I read that I should not touch the ground injector wires.

Okay I just made a little picture to help convey my idea. I'm not even sure if it is right though... let me know if I am doing it wrong.

Wiring setup 1

I'm confused why there are two injector wires, shouldn't there only be one since it is a batch fire setup? Or does it fire 2 injectors at a time? If that's the case then my wiring is all wrong.

Okay made another one that is slightly modified.
Wiring setup 2

Which one looks right? Or are both wrong?