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10-18-2007, 03:09 AM
Just got my injectors back from Witch Hunter. I decided to spend $17/injector to have my original Nippon Denso units cleaned and balanced rather than $75-125 an injector for rebuilt aftermarket ones (they aren't really rebuilt anyway, they're just cleaned and balanced and resold). Here are the before and after test results:

Static Flow (difference from lowest to highest)
Before: 89 - 97
After: 101.5 - 102

Pulsed Flow ((difference from lowest to highest)
Before: 70.0 - 78.5
After: 78.5 - 79.5

cc/min @ 43.5 psi: 306 cc/min in all four

two busted pintle caps - replaced
one leaking injector - no longer leaking; new o-rings and seals on all
at least two filters visibly crappy - four new filters

Injector balance (lower is better)
Before: 10.8%
After: 1.3%

For $17 ea. I have essentially four new injectors. Oh, the dealer price for my injectors is $196 ea.

Along w/ new intake gaskets and the proper supports attached to my manifold, I think my troubles are soon to be far behind me:)

10-18-2007, 03:32 AM
that's killer! i plan on doing the same with mine.