View Full Version : Fuel pump died.... HELP..!!!

Luis C
02-15-2005, 12:38 AM
Like the title says, the fuel pump on my 5th Gen died yesterday after 13 years and some 203.000 Km.
The car wont start because of gas and if I bang the pump with a hammer the car starts and runs fine until I turn the engine off again :D so now I'm looking for a replacement (maybe a ST185 pump) or an upgrade (planning ahead for a turbo).

So far I'm considering:
- Normal ST182 (GT/GT-S) pump
- GT4/Alltrac gas pump
- Walbro high perf. pump (I think its 250 lts/h)
- (Your suggestion here)

I would really apreciate if anyone could help me find a price quote for the pump (since I dont live in the US, and the price here is outrageous).

Thanks in advance

02-16-2005, 01:10 AM
Um.. unless you are planning a turbo setup in the very near future, just stick with the stock pump.. don't buy into that expensive walbro bullshit.. It's WAY more fuel than you need.. Just get a stock replacement.

The GT4/Alltrac pumps are for the 3SGTE, so once again will be flowing way more fuel than you need..

You have a 5th Gen Celica.. so it's a 90-93.. right?

You have a 3SGE too.. and the only celica's that came with that motor are pre 90's..

Cheapest price I see for one at www.autopartsworld.com is 161.00 before shipping and that is for a DENSO.. Which is factory equipment.. very good choice if you ask me. That is for an '89 Celica GTS.. should work fine in your tank.. no differences..

Autozone wants a 104.00 for a brand called Master, which is their common OEM replacement for a lot of different parts.. personally I'd go with the Denso..

No matter what you do, make sure you put a new strainer on the pump too and would be a good time to put a new fuel filter on unless you've recently done that.