View Full Version : Body Work and Paint

10-01-2007, 10:27 PM
I'm considering getting body work done on my car (a couple dents, some minor rust) and a paint job, but don't really know anything about it. Any tips or things I should look for?

Does anybody from upstate New York hang out on here? Maybe recommend a someone to do it or something?

Also, on average, what kind of cost would I be looking at? Theres only one small rust spot [bubble rust] that I know about, and a small dent in the door, and a bigger dent in the rear right corner.

10-02-2007, 12:15 AM
how far north is that? I live in central New York but i go to college in Potsdam

10-02-2007, 12:26 AM
I'm in the Glens Falls/Queensbury area, about 50 miles north of Albany.