View Full Version : Please look at your 3SGE Injectors

10-01-2007, 09:51 PM
Okay, skip my question about 3SGE serial numbers. I know that's a dead end.

What I now need to find out is if the JDM engines used the same FI color scheme as the USDM engines. Could someone w/ an 86-87 JDM engine please look at the fuel injectors and let me know if they are red top or green top? Could someone w/ an 88-89 JDM 3SGE look at his/her injectors and tell me the color of those?

I know the USDM color scheme (86-87 red top, 88-89 green top). I just need to find out if the JDM used the same. If so, then I've got the wrong injectors in my 88-89 JDM 3SGE and could be on my way to fixing it.

Oh, does anyone have an extra intake manifold stay #1 lying around? My engine was swapped and the #1 and #2 stays not replaced, hence my intake gasket leaks and hopefully the cause of a lean running engine that won't pass smog. Thanks very much.