View Full Version : Buying another car? any input?

09-27-2007, 12:54 AM
Ok winter's coming and i'm ready to park the celica again... I got a whole 2,200 miles on her this year :) While running errands for my job i ran across a little black car... didn't think to much of it but i did take a quick second glance... so today i called and my suspicions where correct... It is a 1989 Toyota Corolla SR5, JVC headunit, sony speakers, 117k, 5speed... So anyway the guy tells me he wants 800 for the car but he doesn't think it'll sell being it's at a car lot sitting next to a stealth for 1500 but anyway... he tells me make me an offer... what is a resonible offer and will it do decent in the snow? and any possibilities of an engine swap in it... it has a 4afe in it now so i would imagine i could stuff a 4age in it... I also have the option to buy back my old 92 celica st for 200 with a blown motor... I really think it's a pain in the ass to try to put another stock engine in it beings it's almost identical to the celica I have now... but the corolla is something i rarely see around this area... I even owned one at one point but mine was Awefulmatic and not manual... what do you guys think?

09-27-2007, 01:09 AM
Wasn't the SR5 a GT-S trim variant? If so it came with a 4AGE, not a 4AFE.

I think it would be a good deal for $800. Depending on shape.

Offer $500 and work your way up to $700.