View Full Version : Had to drop off car at Toyota today...

09-20-2007, 10:48 PM
So, couldnt wait any longer for my shift cables to find their way into my car, so had to take her in...only 1st,3rd,and 5th gears work, mind you, so its already an interesting drive!..so i got it maybe hmmm idk 9/10ths of the way there, and at an intersection, i was in the turn lane (first one in line BTW), and it wont go into ANY gears what soever...the stick wouldnt even go bacck/forth left/right....so i was like greattttt...well.. heh i was a lil more than that but you get the pic :)...so had to get help by some friends to push it out of the way in which we got it to go into 5th miraculously and drove from push speed -like 30mph in 5th...good stuff for the car, so needless to say, i finally got it to Toyota after almost having to redline it to keep it from stopping and stalling...so there was def a not good smell coming from my car when i pulled up....but here comes the good/cool part (the only one), i had a lot of people checking out my car and talking amongst each other ...heh...thought that was cool...but ya, here at home awaiting my 170 dollar phone call....and im here hoping and praying its not anymore than that....

09-21-2007, 12:59 AM
that really sucks...i bought a brand new cable from toyota for 160 bucks...that was with a 23% discount. i put it on myself.

09-21-2007, 04:06 AM
ya, toyota was gonna charge me 210 each cable, so i went to u pull it (junk yard where the name is self explanatory), and got two nice ones off a celi for 16 for both so i think i made a bit of a deal there heh...then its 170 to install....so instead of 210 + 210+ 170 install its just 16 +170 install which IMO is a much better deal seeing as i needed my car now and dont have the time to do it myself...unfortunately...

09-21-2007, 04:22 AM
I'm actually fighting the same battle at the moment. I've rigged my cables up for now so they'll work and have another set of used ones. The kicker was, the cables from my dealer were almost $400 each! After breaking the set out of the GT I found a set in another junker for $75.

09-21-2007, 11:43 AM
my 91 after many beatings had mushy shifts, i got a pair out the yard for 20 dollars, after taking the old ones out, and figuring out how to do it in the process, i put my used ones in in about an hour or so