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09-05-2007, 08:40 PM
Ok to start off I've had a little bit of hesitation. Nothing to really concern me I actually pawned it off as the MAF going or the clutch slipping. It's in the 240.

Lately it's become power loss. Mainly at low rpm. This morning I goto leave kotah's house, get in and start the car, It's a hard start , it moves 2 feet in 1st and stalls. I start back up and I have absolutely no power I floor it and the RPMs didn't even climb. I gave it a little bit of gas and got it to move a few blocks to get me home. Also with the complete power loss when I have the gas down, it sounds like it's struggling hard like it wants to rev but I just hear a popping. Not a backfire. more like a gear skipping teeth. Bazaar but it makes me think of the clutch again. A slipping clutch would let the rpms go up and down though. Hence my confusion

I pop the hood to check it out and it doesn't smell too friendly. A bit like burning rubber. So I goto the junk yard, Grab a new MAF off of an altima for 10$. I swap mafs and it does the same thing. I checked the ECU for codes and It didn't throw me anything. So I unpluged the maf to see if I got a ****ty idle. Started the car and accidentally bumped the gas on my way out. It stalled out. I pluged the maf back in and now the engine just cranks with no start. Checked the ECU for codes again. Nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. As my 240 is my daily driver. If theres anything else you need to know. Thanks in advance guys. I'm puzzled.

09-05-2007, 08:58 PM
Ok update. I think when I bumped the gas without the MAF on it just dumped fuel. Washing the piston rings again. My plugs smell a little like gas and my oil is thin, smelling a bit like gas itse'f. So I think that'll fix my no start. I just have to go get oil and a filter to change it.

Still puzzled to the hesitation. Unless It really is the maf and I got an identically crappy one from the junk yard.