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08-26-2007, 01:38 AM
hey guys and girls i know this should be in off topic but ohwell, move it if you want. i havent been on very much in the past few months cuz my fiance broke everything off and cheated on me so i no longer have access to the internet very often.
i will try to get a comp and internet soon.
My car is still running on 3 cylinders been almost 8 months now and cant figure it out, pisses me off, i believe its the injector on # 4 cuz compresion came back good on all fours cylinders and its runnig really rich. Im now the proud owner of bongs JDM coupe tails, i bought them fro him about a month ago. i also bought a set of jdm mirrors with switch and relay but dont have wiring diagram so those arent installed either.
if any of you would like to get a hold of me i hav my cell and can recieve aim messages on it
my aim is babyt031223 and my number is 419-340-1944 its verizon but i have unlimited everthing,
hope to be back on soon

ps bong wrecked the s2k, and the celi is sitting in his driveway collecting dust but gots a new cluch again. lol

08-26-2007, 02:24 AM
I would replace all your spark plugs, plug wires and distributor cap and rotor.

Good luck and sorry to hear of your problems.

09-27-2007, 09:20 PM
thanks trance..... had it diagnosed the other day again by a different shop. they said my # 4 cylinder is shot due to excessive heat.
comp test as follow
#1 170 dry
#2 170 dry
#3 160 dry
#4 80 dry 225 wet

the tech said its lost comp due to my piston rings not sealing correctly.
and a had cylinder wall scuffing

from my experience the only way to get one cylinder too hot is to have it running too lean
meaning that my injector is not spraying fuel proberly so eachtime the plug ignites all it is doing it heating up the air and not burning any fuel so im gonna go get a new injector and see if it changes.

why did the comp jup so high on the wet test ?