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02-12-2005, 06:19 AM
So its that time again to get a smog. This time around though im not so confident ill pass. My friends family owns a shop so ill get it done there but it appears he doesn't work there anymore but his brother does but i dont know how cool his brother is. So try to get him to pass me has become a last option but are there any pre smog tricks i might be able to do so i can the first time. I have a 91 St

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02-12-2005, 10:16 PM
Here's a post I saved from cnet

high HC = you are running rich
high co = bad burn
high co2= exhaust leak
high nx = bad cat

if you're only problem is high hc means you're running rich but your cat is working fine

1-your EGR system maybe clogged so you're not burning the fuel twice ?
2- you may have some sensor problems so you're running rich (but you said you replaced most).
3- you have have an exhaust leak next to your o2 sensor , making it breathe outside air when you let off the throttle, which will make it read lean, which make the ecu compensate by dumping fuel.

4- check your timing make sure it's correct... it should be somewhere in the middle and not cranked all the way either way... that could be destructive to your engine.

To pass emissions i suggest (and i got good at this)...

1- try and make sure all is good including your timing
2- you may want to switch to a set of overgapped copper plugs... something like a 0.048" gap you should be able to fire on a stock ignition with good wires... if you have too big a gap you'll feel a loss in power... so you'll know to downsize the gap.
3- and i've had some BAD emissions cars pass with this one (like my vr4 with a bad injector and bad tuning and boost leaks ...getting 10mpg at the time) ... get your tank down to about a 1/4 tank... then add 1 or 2 bottles of HEET (comes in a yellow bottle can get it at autozone or any gas station) ... run the car for at least 15 minutes on your way to the emissions place... so that your cat is nice and warm...and your car is adjusting for the high octane/high methanol gas/highly oxyginated gas mix you have in your tank....

you WILL feel the car starting to run differently, you will feel smoother driving, more power, and your idle may even rise up (on
my car the idle went from 800 to around 1200 but) ...

let them drive it for emissions. You SHOULD pass no problem (like your HC will be half of what it is no , no joke)... my HC , CO and NX were about double the limit for all 3 and when i did this i went to about 1/10th the limit (of course the vr4 has a really smart ecu so your results will vary a bit)..

the most important thing to do is after you pass , make sure that you don't leave the car that night without topping off the tank. Because of the HEET (methanol) if you don't dilute it with more gas it will want to eat into your tank liner and your fuel lines... so make sure you top it off after you pass.

Cars that have passed using heet (and please don't advertise this... i don't want the air people to start testing out our fuels... keep this as a secret and only share it when somebody needs to pass... only if you trust them to stay quiet about it... )

1- My vr4. with 10mpg at the time... going from twice the limits to passing with FLYING colours and room to spare
2- another vr4 guy on our message board
3- my friend's 1987 chrystler sedan...failed 3 times and spent 400 dollars getting tune ups and what not...still failed... i told him about this and it passed no problem

HEET is 99.99% methanol. Methanol is about 97 octane gas. It is harder to burn than regular gas but it also unleashes more energy per volume. It burns a little hotter, will help you burn more fuel... it also has oxygen in it's compound which normal gas does not(mostly long hydrocarbon chains) The extra oxygen , combined with the higher energy both leans out the mixture and helps burn it better. The combination is killer in emissions stuff