View Full Version : Just one of those months.... #@$%&**#$

08-14-2007, 02:43 AM
Meh - topsy turvy month and now with more worse news :(

Basically I got my new wheels, suspension fitted and was rolling around for all of 4 hours when the first piece of bad luck hit.

Some person backed into the right front guard - and I had only cleaned the car and gave it a cut and polish (which took 2.5 hours) and then this shit happens :( First time I bothered to clean the car in 9 months, it looked the shit and then that happened! No note or nothing. Anyway, after thinking bad thoughts and very very interesting tortures to inflict on the moron who hit my car, I returned to dinner with friends.

Anyhoo - week later, the person who backed into my car called me and accepted full liability for the accident. Tracked me through the post office of all things. Good thing I didnt' put through a PO Box aye!

So apart from the bright spot, I'm still waiting for car parts around the country to arrive on my door incl. my RC Water to Air which apparently has a chocolate bar in the package to make up for tardiness, a CT20B that needs a rebuild and an extra RC bumper with water sprayer attached.

Um.. where are they? CT20B is with friend who just moved house, so is settling down and is sending soon.. W2A is, well, still with the chocolate bar I guess.. and the spare RC bumper? Maybe i should chase that up..


So went for a warrant of fitness during the weekend as I really needed to get mobile again and I even bothered to put the interior back in! (trust me.. i tend to roll around without the interior as I've been planning a large audio install, but haven't had the time to start it yet due to not having all equipment).

I got pinged for a highish fog light and what appears to be oil leaking on the exhaust.

So got the car over to the mechanics last night and then got called this morning and apparently its like an oil bomb has been let off and the bottom of my engine is covered in crap and they can't inspect anything. Mechanic has said that possibly the best course of action will be to pull the engine and redo all seals and gaskets etc as well as replace 17 year old hose and lines.
FARK ME!!!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

So for the rest of the morning, I have been frantically typing up and listing up various parts of my audio gear.. i should hopefully clear a couple of K in gear to go to the engine.. but meh.. just not my month.. and its my birthday on Thursday as well :(

Oh well.. Dyno day on Saturday.. guess we'll see what a 17 year old car with some oil leaks can do :D

Looks like my lada will have to get back on the road now = more $$$ for a daily driver. At least I have some 18's in the back i can make myself deaf with!