View Full Version : Stage 3 Clutch + 12lb Flywheel = Yum?

07-26-2007, 05:56 AM
My friend just got a stage 3 XTD Clutch with a 12lbs lightened flywheel on his 86 GT-S. He wanted a Stage 1, but got the Stage 3 in the mail, so he is sorta worried about how hard shifting is going to be with both the flywheel and harder engaging clutch :-\. Is it going to be really jerky to shift all the time, or is it possible to shift it smoothly eventually? Anyone have a lightened flywheel+S3Clutch that have noticed any positive or negative differences in gas mileage and performance (how much different did it feel, how much faster 0-60 time was, top speed changes, torque curve, etc)? How bout the brand name, is it reliable etc?

Im thinking about doing the same thing to my car, but Im going to be doing an engine swap (2nd gen 3sgte) and wondered if when I put the kit on my car NOW (2s-e lawl), would I be able to swap over the same exact clutch, P_Plate, and F_Wheel? (Using the same tranny I hope). If the 2se tranny doesnt bolt up, I'll have to get another, and probably different clutch kit altogether.

07-26-2007, 08:21 AM
You'll have to check they flywheel pattern, but if the 3SGTE flywheel will fit the 2SE you should be money...