View Full Version : Rusting fuel neck bad. Replacement fuel neck gooood.

07-22-2007, 10:31 PM
Lately my 5th gen has exhibited a peculiar and unfortunate symptom.

Whenever I would go to fill it up, a nice sized puddle would form where I parked it thereafter. Also, if you were to jack the rear end up and set it down, gas would also drip.

Upon further inspection the culprit was found to be the fuel filler neck. That is, the pipe reaching from where you fuel the car up at to the gas tank itself. It also has a smaller pipe on it that relieves pressure.

The replacement part (the part number could be 77201-20450 but not sure exactly) cost about $120.

Here's a pic of the old fuel neck:


The portion on the right is where the gas flows in. The end on the left of the pic is where it meets the tank. Note the extensive amount of rust the closer the pipe gets to the tank. Obviously, because this part rode lower on the car and was closer to the elements. This is a midwest car that was exposed to a metric shit-tonne of road salt.

But also note how the venting pipe had some damage up near the top. I suppose this was due to the weld being a weak point for rust.

Now, returning to the more rusted end where it met the tank, a close examination looks like this:


It was rusted all around, but some of the rust was broken off. If you look in the center, you'll find two oblong scratches. They look white in this picure, essentially bare metal. Same color as the white at the end of the pipe.

If you look on the inside of the pipe, the god damn rust went all the way through. Those white oblong scratches are infact holes. If you look on the inside of the pipe, you'll find two pinpricks of light. All the way through. Also, there is rust on the inside of the pipe.

Don't worry, I'm getting to my point.

To have this rust is VERY BAD. You end up flushing rust particles directly into the fuel system.

Naturally, some of the rust will rest at the bottom of the tank, and never be drawn into the fuel system. Even smaller rust particles might be drawn into the fuel system, but caught in the fuel filter.

But, there's always the chance that microscopic rust particles will travel through the filter and get in the engine. Possibly fouling up injectors, and in a worse-case scenario, causing internal rust.

So, check your fuel neck. If it's rusting, and if its 15 years old like mine is, it might be a good idea to replace it.

That's all.

07-23-2007, 01:29 AM
Yea im going this when i get my sway bars in. THe tank will dropped so it will be a great opportunity to inspect the whole fuel systems.

03-26-2010, 06:27 PM
Thought I would resurrect this to mention the neck I just replaced.

It freaking crumbled when I got it unbolted. I mean, crumbled. Can't wait to flush that tank, because I am staring at 4 holes in this baby, one is about 1" by 3". I don't know how I was pouring gas in the tank and not on my foot.