View Full Version : Raided a junk yard

07-20-2007, 10:53 PM
I went to a junkyard to pick up a E-250 1998 rear window... They didnt have it, if anyone knows where to find one for under 100 bucks tell me PLEASE.

Well anyways this junkyard had 4 5th generation celicas, i was pretty surprised to be honest, i never find any here. They let me go back there and check em out, nice guys. I saw one really banged up GOLD celica, someone pimped it out apparently. There was nothing in that thing, it was nasty, but weird seeing a gold celica.

The one they got in recently was a red 92 celica with slight damage on it. The interior was pretty clean, i picked up all the little plastic screw caps real quick and snagged a couple screws i was missing. It was an automatic so i grabbed the trim i needed around the auto shifter. The drivers side vent, and the passengers door red plastic light. I got all that for 15 bucks, wasnt too bad. Then i noticed the rear seats were MINT condition, so i asked him about that, he sold me the rear seat and the passengers seat (which was in better condition the mine) for 125. Then i got him to give me a 98 blazer gauge cluster for 50 bucks (he wanted 65).

I talked him down some and got away with what i wanted:) I really needed some parts from under the dash but there was no way i was spending all day in a junkyard taking a dash off.

This junkyard had easily 300-400 cars in it, i was like WTF.

07-21-2007, 09:21 PM
junkyards here are assholes. i live far as hell from the junk yards and so i usally call and ask if they have any in or a part on a car i need. they always tell me they have no celicas when once i went down there there was actually 6-8 i was pretty pissed and sad cuz none had the part i need.