View Full Version : ballarat vic: Show and shine

02-09-2005, 07:15 AM
heys guys - just got told about this

Ive been informed of a biog show and shine for all car types in ballarat on the 20th - hosted by opne of the clubs up there

Theve put out an open invite to anyone wanting to come along + for our interest - alot of the low-lux guys i believe are going ..

Ill be taking the Gt4 up to park it on the oval - would love to see a few of you lot show up as maybe a " toyota section "

Thats everyone - sprinter boys , supras , Mr2's - celicas - and rollas ( and anyone else ive forgotten ) - if you think its worthy to show - pop it in!

havent got exact costs and such - or times but i should have them tomorrow - awaiting a fax to come thru with the details