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06-26-2007, 07:17 PM
So I might have blown my motor, in my swapped celica.
I have another non-running swapped celica coming my way in a few days.

I've been eyeing zeus alltrac over in bc.

Here is what I'm considering. I might have 1k to 4k to play with. So I have two non running half tracks, and an alltrac that is teasing me.

First one has the lsd tranny with a blown motor needs some body work and paint touch ups, well I don't know if the motor is blown but it won't start, it cranks, but It will crank without having the clutch pedal pessed down?

Second one has a nice bright lambo yellow paint job, with 3sgte w/ s53 tranny but missing a wiring harness.1500

Third I have an alltrac with a few mods, that is blowing white smoke.
Shipping from BC is about 1200, the car is being sold for 3500

Do I fix the first one, or the second one, considering if I do pick either halftrac I'm going to be spending a little bit less then the cost of the alltrac.
What would you do and why?

06-27-2007, 08:47 AM
haha I cannot imagine being in that situation but I would....

Compression/leakdown the AT and go with that if it is not the block. Do the same with either of the other 2 if the AT fails miserably and you were not planning a major rebuild anyway.

You might need up to $1000 to get the AT running properly (possible head gasket etc) so you should consider that in your budget also.

Why? 4x4 is fun, having compression is better than 4x4, $1500 is cheap especially with a good paint job and a 2nd hand loom will not cost you too much.