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06-13-2007, 12:09 AM
I'm sure someone here has done this... I want to convert my ST to largers breaks. Take off rear drums front rotors/calpiers, and throw on some GT breaks. Or is there some kind of aftermarket thing i can bolt on? What do i need to do to convert the rear from drums to disk breaks? Anyone?

06-13-2007, 02:40 AM
It's not as simple as replacing the drums with rotors. For most cars, to replace drums with OEM discs you have to replace the entire hub assembly, along with brake lines and the master cylinder. It will be even harder if you have ABS.

There may be aftermarket kits for it, but they generally require larger wheels. Also, if you don't want to have a brake size inbalance you'll have to replace the fronts too...Aftermarket you may be looking at $2000.

If I'm way off, though, please correct me.

Also, check your spelling of "brakes"

06-13-2007, 03:06 AM
Here's a starting point





Keep in mind if your ST is 4 lug you'll need to get different wheels also. If you want a more detailed procedure try to look around on google for the 240sx to 300zx brake conversion or the Integra 5 lug conversion as those are pretty popular and there's plenty of write ups for those.

06-13-2007, 04:50 AM
^all true, but if he has a 92-93 ST hes got 5 luggers.

06-13-2007, 07:12 AM
break? What are you tryin to break? haha just messin wit ya