View Full Version : Finally found my 3SGE replacement!!!

06-08-2007, 06:48 PM
Someone please move this to the right place.

Just wanted folks to know that I found a great used/rebuilt engine shop in the Sacramento, CA area - http://www.attarco.com/

After months of trying to find a replacement for my 88GTS 3SGE engine, turns out it's in my own backyard - for $295 w/ a 6 month guarantee. If my tranny is shot, that's only another $150, also w/ a 6 month guarantee. I just got back from their warehouse - tons o' engines!!

Anyone struggling to find a 3SGE or hard-to-find engine, check them out. Not all their stuff is listed on their website (they had over 1/2 dozen 3SGE's on the floor but none on the web) so call. Also, free shipping in Northern CA.

Damn, am I glad to not be drving around on a blown HG anymore.