View Full Version : Saw 2 nice Toyotas at my insurance agent's office....

06-01-2007, 10:47 PM
OK, well...1 nice, one has seen better days...I knew before that he has an '87 (I believe it's an '87) vert....he had it parked by the office yesterday, top down. Car is in really good condition, save for the poor red paint ;) Dang, I love the verts, at least since movin' on down south here...heh... Detroit isn't quite vert country ;) ANYways, parked next to his Celi is an '88 Supra (SuperWhite) for sale - from the outside, the car looked outstanding, but the interior was beat to living hell....apparently, he had bought it for his son, but his son wanted something more inline with his interests (snow-boarding/skiing......go figure, in TN...pretty limited season...LOL) So, he bought the kid a 4Runner ... must be nice, eh ?? The Supra looked pretty sweet until I looked in the windows.....interior was fubar (well, maybe not that bad, but - looked worse than any pos I've ever been known to drive, for sure...) Sounds like a spoiled kid, but was cool to see his dad rockin' the old vert, anyways.
OK, mindless post is over :cool: