View Full Version : 5th Gen Celi On Conan Obrien!!!!

05-18-2007, 08:00 PM
Last night i was watchin the conan obrien late night show, and they had a bit where they mentioned some odd mount of money and was like, ya that would equate to this many 1992 toyota celicas....i went friggin crazy and was amazed that people other than us here at ctech remember these cars...ha...just thought id mention it to you guys here...

05-18-2007, 08:54 PM
Hahaha, I saw that last night too. I freaked! Joel Goddard was goin on some kind of rampage that started in brittain and ended up on 1992 toyota celicas. It was pretty great.

05-18-2007, 09:50 PM
Chris, where in Florida are you?

05-18-2007, 10:29 PM
i could picture conans big 9 foot ass sittin in a 92 celi hahaha thats funny as hell though

05-18-2007, 11:34 PM
Chris, where in Florida are you?

Very possibly Titletown, Florida.

05-19-2007, 04:31 AM
lol ya...Titletown A.K.A Gainesville homie , home of THE Florida Gators my friend...

05-25-2007, 09:57 AM
I downloaded the episode, and when they picture the car.... it's not even a 5th gen!! It's a 6th gen. Not that 99.9999% of the people that saw it noticed, but ... :(

The joke itself is talking about Gordon Brown, a forerunner for being the next British Prime Minister.. saying that he is currently the Chancellor of the Exchequer, equivalent of the US's Secretary of teh Treasury.. it goes on to say he oversees an annual budget of over $970 billion, which is equal to the budget of 19 Libyas, plus 4 Portugals, and a Senegal...

Or enough money to buy 194,000,000 (one hundred ninety four million) 1992 toyota celicas at Kelly Bluebook value.


05-25-2007, 01:40 PM

05-25-2007, 06:39 PM
Very possibly Titletown, Florida.

I want 194,000,000 Celicas :(. Haha never did they use the celica as an exapmle.