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05-17-2007, 10:11 PM
Got my vert back from the mechs yesterday - had a LOT of "wear and tear" front end work done (I knew it needed an alignment due to a curbside incident, but have only driven the car a few 1000 miles since purchase last May, didn't realize just how shot the front end was.....LOL....now I know why the previous owner wanted to sell - he didn't, or his wife wouldn't let him, perhaps, want to spend the $$$ to bring it back to spec). Car seemed to handle well as was (other than over big bumps, which are rare where I live), even with shot struts (which I knew), and apparently shot strut mounts (suspected), tie rods, axles (suspected), control arms(suspected) ..... ......damn, the only thing it DIDN'T need was anti-sway bar bushings :laugh: (was hoping the noises I was hearing was said bushings, but had crawled under the car previously and they felt relatively fresh, for rubber...especially on a 15 yr old car....dammit).
But, ANYways, damn - car handles incredibly well, now :) Mrs Fuelish wasn't too happy about the $$$, but .... her inanimate 7' x 10' oak entertainment center cost more than my repairs, so...it's all relative, eh ??? Rear struts seem fine (other than perhaps needing mounts...dunno) and likely control arms/links, but ..... that's a-gonna have to wait 'til later this year, at the earliest. I have neither the time, nor patience, nor tools, nor absolute knowledge, nor "spare" backup transportation (other than my Trek Fuel) so....didn't wanna f with all that at this point. Paying the shop sux, but.... DIYing and having the car off the road for a length (likely a major length if I tried to tackle all involved) of time sux worse, as it's my dd. I don't wanna mention the actual $$$ (kinda embarrasing) but, was worth it...to me, at the moment. Now am gonna have to decide what needs rebuild first - rear susp or vert top ..... engine/tranny are very tight (@ 165,xxx miles), and only have the very occasional drop of ps fluid. Top doesn't leak, other than 2 3/4" spots around the rear window (a previous-previous owner had the original rear window just cut out and a new one sewn in under the bit that was left of the old ... half assed, but only drips in the typical east TN torrential downpour we have now and again). Front to rear stitchng is slightly seperating over the rear seat area (dry rotting, perhaps), but no leakage yet.... Slowly but surely, am gonna bring everything up to at least factory snuff, if not better. Thanks for all the great info/support at celicatech .... at least I had an idea of what I was in for - and this shat will likely last me longer than I own the car, anyways - talkin' 11 miles roundtrip to/from work, and sporadic driving/cruising around....family hauling is left to my wife's '05 Corolla S (a rather nice car, if I do say so..... decent performance/handling, EXCELLENT gas mileage !!!)
Sorry for the rambling monologue.....had too much coffee and Sudaphed at work today ;)

05-17-2007, 10:13 PM
....got most of my front end replaced on my vert ..... loving it, in spite of the co$t !!!

05-19-2007, 11:49 AM
Great! Sorry the wallet took a hit, but it was worth it wasn't it?

If you ever need a hand with anything don't be afraid to ask. I would only ask the same in return. ;) Working on cars is still a love for me. It is just hard to find time with my schedule. It literally brought me to tears to pay to have axles put in Chaos. But I tell myself I didn't pay for the work, only the convenience of having it done in the 6 hours I got to sleep.

05-19-2007, 04:15 PM
im doing all that on my ae86, got bushings and new springs/struts on the way! w00t! time to melt out some bushings!

05-19-2007, 04:45 PM
glad to hear its all fixed up for ya, Luckily with mine it's goin to a performance band of mods so I dont have to really worry about having it all up to spec til its all getting finished. Luckily for me, being an automotive student, I can give myself free alignments lol