View Full Version : rought idle...please I need help!!!

05-14-2007, 04:21 AM
Hello everyone,

I recently bought this 2001 Celica GT with Auto Trans. I noticed that the car has a rought idle at low RPMs and is felt more when the car is in gear (drive), in nuetral it isn't noticeable. The idle rpm is normal 700-800 and doesnt go lower so its not low idle. Also It doesnt have an ignition misfire that I'm sure. It's a bit anoying. I put in a set of plugs and did a throttle body cleaning and it helped slightly but I still have the rought Idle. The vibration from the engine moving causes the tail pipe to shake. I noticed another GT on the road and it had the tailpipe shaking also so I think this may be a common issue. I previusly owned a 90 GTS and it had a much stronger vibration. I replaced all the engine mounts and it ran smooth as silk. Could this be the case on my new Celica? Could it be timing or TPS or MAF related? I havent gotten a Check Engine Light though so I dont believe it's that. Please can anyone reccomend anything!!!:(