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02-04-2005, 01:55 AM
Ok guys..many of you might have read my post earlier about the my predicament...i have my 5s out of my car now and was wondering the amount of work that it would take to make my engine a 5s stroker. I want to make sure that i fully understand what is going on with this. I use the bottom and crank of the 5s and get custom 3s pistons designed for the 5s stroke / bore and then get custom 3s connecting rods machined to connect to the 5s crank. What about the oil cooler on the 3s?..the 5s doesnt have an oil cooler?..will the 3s oil cooler bolt up to the 5s block?...are the people on this board who have done this combination before? any info/ write ups among other things would be appreciated. I know the power goals that i have for my car and this seems to be a convient time (look at my other post) for me to take on this project...though i would like me damn car back :rant:

02-04-2005, 08:51 PM
It would help if you posted the link to the other thread....

If you're using a 5S FE block, you don't get "3S pistons", and rods, you would use [aftermarket] rods/pistons for the 5SFE. The only time you would use rods/pistons designed for the 3S is if you had a 3S block, and were using a 5S crank to stroke it out. And then you would either have to cut the crank journals to accept the 3S rods, or get custom rods.
The oil cooler [from a 3S-GTE] should bolt on to the 5S block, as well as the bypass lines. The blocks are dimensionally very close.
Some 5S blocks did come with oil coolers, not sure which ones tho.

02-08-2005, 03:50 AM
ok man theres the 3s head on the 5s block which i know very little about, then theres the 5s crank in a 3sgte methond,

in this method, the 5s rod bearings are way bigger than the 3s ones, so you simply have them offset ground (or evenly ground down) to fit the 3s rods. and depending on which direction you grind the bearing journal down, you'd have your pistons made with the pin "x" mm higher up in the piston. you can basically get whatever stroke you want to an extent. youve got alot of options. fee; free top ask any questions. i'm in the middle of building a 5sgte now

02-08-2005, 04:29 AM
hey thanks for the posts guys...if i do go for the stroker it is going to be with the 5s crank and 5s bottom end with the 3s head.I have the complete bottom end of a 5s, the one that i am taking out of my car now...from what i understand is that i need to get custom pistons (lower compression, and fitted to fit the 5s stroke and bore) and connecting rods (rods that fit the 5s crank). Of course theese would need to be forged...i think that JE will make custom pistons and rods...iv'e seen some stuff on their site. What concerns me is some of the other things, like the oil pan, oil cooler, the timing belt (though i think that it would work because the bottom ends are mostly the same on the outside)..theese are the things that i need clearing up..if any one has ever done this..this is the small detailed info that i would like to know!..thanks for the replies soo far!!