View Full Version : Question about Oil pressure - 2nd vs. 3rd Gen 3SGTE

03-20-2007, 01:57 PM
I was reading E's post on his oil pressure readings on this thread:


where he says:

oil press is 30-35 at idle, rising to 95-100 at high revs.

Now, I remember a few thread where we ran reading of 4-5psi at idle and 35-50psi at high(er) RPM. The cars mentioned were second gen IIRC. Here is an example:

Now, that is a huge difference, but as I was typing this I realized he might have given his readings in that wacky metric system that is like garlic to a vampire for us. Is that what I am seeing or does the 3rg gen have a naturally higher oil pressure? If so, why?

If it was just the type of reading, once this is clarified, I will lock the thread so it sink to the murky depths where crap threads live and breed.:hehe:

03-20-2007, 02:02 PM
10 psi for every 1K RPM.

Idle should be around 10-25psi. (depending on temp)

Thats all you need to know.

IF your seeing higher oil pressures, your maxing out your pump and should go to a thinner oil. 100psi is to much if you ask me, your doing more damage than good. If you want to rev up to the stock 7250 redline, look for at least 70psi oil pressure.

03-20-2007, 02:03 PM
metric milimeter's per inch ?

Mr E
03-20-2007, 02:18 PM
We are assuming the oil pressure gauge is calibrated and accurate. They may very well not be.

Additionally, I'm not staring at the pressure gauge too hard when at 6K rpm. I may well be misreading it.

Agreed, 100psi is a natch high.

03-20-2007, 02:57 PM
I am around 5-7.5psi at idle, maxing out at around 55psi at 6K.

03-20-2007, 05:48 PM
If you get below 10psi pressure at idle your engine isn't going to live it's full life. And max oil pressure in any non-purpose built motor shouldn't exceed 90psi. Your seals don't appreciate that and neither does the stress on the pump shaft.

03-20-2007, 06:43 PM
I have a new pump, new crate short block, and seals. I think my autometer gauge is full of the poop.

03-20-2007, 11:36 PM
BGB specs are 5PSI [4.3] or higher at idle.
And 36 - 71 at 3k RPMs.

For a second gen.

03-21-2007, 01:11 AM
Thanks Jer! I feel very happy now:D

03-21-2007, 06:31 AM
Even if that's spec in the book, that's low enough that if you're at idle and romp on it to rev up, it could cause damage, so be careful.

03-21-2007, 02:56 PM
agreed.. even though I was at 36psi of oil pressure, my original imported JDM 3S-GTE developed a rod knock. Pressure would never get any higher, but that is still 'within spec', while still being the very bare minimum.

I think best rule of thumb, 10psi of pressure per 1K RPM.

Secondly, pressure should ALWAYS rise and fall with RPM. If your at 6500RPM and you only have 45psi of pressure.. BAD!! 10psi per 1K RPM. As long as you have some pressure at idle and your pressure is sticking to that rule of thumb, your fine.