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03-09-2007, 01:29 AM
I'm about to install a new factory engine in my 2000 celica GT. Having never done this before, I was wondering whether I can simply pull the old engine out of the top and install the new one or do I need to unbolt the sub-frame of the body to acomplish this. I do not have access to a lift to pull the engine from the bottom of the car so this is not an option. Which would I be better off doing. On to another question.......what brand of short ram intakes provide the most horsepower for celicas? I would appreciate any help.

03-09-2007, 04:16 AM
Are you swapping in the stock 1zzfe (GT engine) or a 2zzge(GTS Engine)????

03-09-2007, 01:24 PM
It's the stock 1zz-fe engine for the GT model

03-09-2007, 01:48 PM
you should get the 2zz.

03-09-2007, 02:55 PM
Ya, with the money you'll drop, you might as well go for a 2zzge 6spd.