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01-29-2005, 02:30 PM
hey all, figured i'd do a little update on the 5sfte project i've been working on, and whats happening.
...i got my downpipe in from berktechnology in this past wensday, and lemme tell yea, it was a SWEET deal, full 3" stainless, tig welded, with the factory o2 sensor bung and 2 more bungs for wideband o2 and egt. (the same one lagos got, i showed it to him.)
i was really worried about it fitting, seeing as how i couldnt even get the oil filter on with the stock elbow, nevermind this thing..lol
so, i was planning on using a oil filter relocation kit like this:
its made by Trans-dapt, is cast, and costs about 10$ for the block side, and about 12 for the filter side (im gonna make my own stainless braided lines with AN fittings.)
but, i was still worried about having room for the fittings and lines with the bungs coming out the top like that.
so, once i got the DP in, i headed off to moms to mock it up on my old engine to see how she fit.
sorry for the crappy pics, my digicam kinda sux..lol
so as you can kinda see in that 2nd pic, there really isnt much room there at all!!
needless to say the tras-dapt filter relocation adapter wont work.
this is where reseaching and asking questions helps, cause with the help of Ken Blake from the mr2 board ill get this:
a canton racing oil filter relocation adapter. its made of billet for greater strength than a cast peice, and swivles 360* so you can set the exit bungs wherever you want. best of all, it'll give me the clearance i need! WOOOT it costs 60$, which is about 50$ more than the transdapt piece, but whatever it takes to get the job done!! hahaha
im also thinking about having my exaust manifold high temp coated by finishline coatings. its supossed to be REALLY good stuff, and besides looking great, it will help keep the under hood temps down.
heres a response i got from finishline about a price quote to do my manifold.

Good Morning
If you have a Toyota, the cost for the exhaust manifold coating would be
$85.00. We coat inside and double coat on the outside. The Cermachrome -
bright and shiny - will never turn blue or gold. It will also keep at
least 50% of your exhaust temp inside the manifold so your under hood
temps will be much cooler.
We ship UPS if necessary or you can stop by our shop to drop off your
Please give us a call if you have additional questions. 503 659-4278.
Thanks for your inquiry
Lona Jensen

im seriously consitering doing it, whats your thoughts?
any comments, sugesstions or whatever are welcome. ;)

01-29-2005, 03:17 PM

The coating on the manifold would probably be beneficial. Up to you if you want to spend the money on it. :)

01-29-2005, 07:39 PM
a few things ... (not that i know what i'm talking about)

1- don't use an EGT probe in your DP ... taht will render it useless..
2- Go ahead and tap your ex. manifold for an EGT probe now before you get it coated ..etc and you can always cap that off till you get a probe ... your probably want the probe in cylinder 3 or 4 on the 5sfe (the 2 closest to the TB on)
3- Looks good so far
4- I didn't have any oil filter problems on mine because i used an ST-165 turbo/dp/manifold. The manifold places the turbo farther from the block than the ST-185 setup... (just for future 5sfte'rs that may not want to run a relox kit, my car was also a 1991 so i had no oil cooler so i had more room there...)

you could always get the cheap adapter (10$ one), remove the stock oil cooler, and spend the extra money on a better than stock oil cooler, ... that might be a better design choice.

5- One thing alot of people don't do... weather you get the coating or not, just get yourself a 3sgte exhaust heat shield. I actually cut up my 5sfe heat shiled and fit it on the 3sgte manifold for my car (a few years back)... did a good job at keeping the temps down (more to my liking).

Hope some of this helped... looks good ... keep it up


01-29-2005, 08:31 PM
good tips.
i actually am not planning on using the EGT in the DP, am having the manifold drilled and tapped like you described.(cyl 3)
i also have the heat sheilds, just figure that the coating will help alot more.. :D
again, thanks for the tips!

11-16-2005, 02:55 AM
nice job, wish i had the money for this.