View Full Version : Ford announces largest loss ever, $12.7 Billion.

01-25-2007, 09:03 PM
Ford's Big Loss (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070125/ap_on_bi_ge/earns_ford)

DEARBORN, Mich. - Ford Motor Co. lost a staggering $12.7 billion in 2006, an average of $1,925 for every car and truck it sold.

The company that invented the assembly line and whose name was a byword for the auto industry warned it will bleed cash for two more years before it has a shot at making money.

Ford's loss, reported on Thursday, was the worst in the company's 103-year history and came amid slumping demand for sport utility vehicles and other gas guzzlers and huge restructuring costs tied in part to the planned closure of 16 plants.

Last year's loss surpassed Ford's old record of $7.39 billion set in 1992.

Well...you gotta spend money to make money...

I did my part to keep this historic American company alive. By not buying a Ford I saved them nearly $2,000. :)

(I know that's not how it really works... and I really don't want to see them die, I want to see them make a decent product).

01-25-2007, 10:02 PM
I want to see them make a decent product.

Me too.

They have absolutely nothing that is appealing to me in thier product line. I'm not really liking thier new 'make all models have similar front fascia' campaign either. Dodge did that to thier products and all it did was spread the ugliness amongst all thier vehicles.

01-25-2007, 10:22 PM
ouch, they are doing something wrong. All I see on the road are F150s and mustangs. I chuck this into the "bad administration bin"

01-26-2007, 05:41 AM
you guys are crazy.. when I saw the ford fusion debut, i knew i had to have one.

yeah right! :laugh:

01-26-2007, 05:54 AM
The Ford Fusion is actually nice. I'd rock one. The problem is, everyone wants Camrys so Ford is basically shit outta luck with that.

01-26-2007, 08:18 AM
i got a focus the other day. nah, it was rated the uglyest car ever