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01-27-2005, 08:00 AM
SON OF A DAMN IT FUCKIN BITCH!!!! ok im fucked in the ass right now by my car. It started right up like normal and i pulled it in the garage. Changed the belt no problem with a new one i got at O'Riellys... started the car fine belt had a little flop in it so i turned the car off. pulled that little relay box w/ the horn and fuel pump relay in it just like i had 2 min before... tightened it up a little... walk back to the seat open the door and the alarm goes off(just like it always does) so i get in and do the flick the key back and forth trick to turn it off... except no matter how many times i do it it wont turn off... then finally after a minute the alarm goes off like it normally does. so i turn the key over and it wont start... wont even bump the starter... i was like WTF. so i thought maybe the little relay box needed to be snapped back down first so i did that. still nothin. then i notice that the ACC position for the key doesnt turn anything on. my power door locks dont work when i put the key in the door, and the steering wheel is locked in the "exit up" position and wont come down even with the key to ON. so finally i pull the EFI fuse, pull the pos terminal... still nothing

so i thought maybe it was the turbo timer... so i bypassed that by hooking up the little grey circular plug behind my battery (ok the TT was installed when i got the car... if this little plug is pluged up the TT will not work... but if it is unplugged the TT works flawlessly) and voila... the car with some hesitation started. but all my shit is still fucked... wheel stuck up and door locks not working. so i turn it off and it will start a few more times untill it acts up again and i can just hear the starter bumping but not turning anything over... no cranking sound. (car sounded perfectly normal when it was running)... so i fiddle with it some more... stick the key in andleave it in the on position for about 20 seconds... and i hear the steering wheel unlock.. so i pulled it down. and then the car starts again... but when i turn it off the turbo timer isnt running the car down even though the little plug is unhooked so it will work.... i thought it might be the tumbler in the dash... but that doesnt explain the non working door locks or the turbo timer... and why doest the ACC position not work... and now its not starting again.

WTF is going on here... i didnt touch anything electrical except to move that relay box over, all i did was change a DAMN BELT.

the ammount of time between it running perfectly and doin this shit was maybe 2 min tops. :madfawk: :rant: :ghey: :thumbsdow

01-27-2005, 03:21 PM
does your alarm have a kill switch?

01-27-2005, 08:18 PM
its factory installed from when the car was bought

01-27-2005, 08:19 PM
GOD I HATE ALARMS... anyone know how to remove the factory alarm