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01-23-2007, 06:17 AM
Long story....Crazy shit....so my brake pads wore low on me last week and were squeaking. My ride looks like a hooptie already and I figure I don't want it sounding like one too so I decide to change them out today. I finished the job about a half hour ago and decide to go for a ride to test them out (I had to bleed the system because I found out too late that my dad had a clamp I could have used to relocate the pot). So I go around a ten minute loop and decide to head home, brakes seem fine. When I take my last right though to complete my loop, so too do a pair of blue headlights that have been following my path for a while. They had no business taking that turn unless they were cruising so I waited up for them. Once it's on my ass I can hear its exhaust even over mine. Right as I reach the turnoff to my place it pulls up next to me and it's a beautiful blue 350Z...simple lip kit. I decide not to go home just yet :D So a little traffic comes up and I get behind him. He's got dual canister mufflers, each angled to the respective sides of the car, stiff as hell suspension, wide deep-dish rims...simply gorgeous. When the traffic opens up I get beside him again and he's got a trio of red a-pillar gauges and another trio mounted on his dash. I give the :bigthumbu to his woman sitting shottie to let 'em know I love the car and she smiles. Then he pokes the throttle a little and on the let-off I hear the bov. I know I'm about to get owned but I couldn't wait for it to happen. We reach the stoplight at the top of the hill where we can see forever downhill and there isn't anybody in sight. I figure he'll want to rip me out of the hole so I wasn't even going to try. I roll out and so does he, roll through second, roll into third. Now I'm loving this because I actually have a shot without having to worry about traction. I poke the throttle to let him know I want to play. He catches up and then when he guns it I follow a split second later. His shit sound so mean....I thought it would be a smooth whir like an infiniti and how his car has been sounding so far, but hell no, this shit sounds like a gigonormous hive of pissed off hornets....like the s2k in the fast and the furious (sorry to reference that movie). At the top of 3rd it's a dead heat and so we go into fourth (at least I do, dunno what he was in, but he shifted), he immediately pulls ahead of me by about half a car, but that's it!! We're both still romping on it but he isn't walking me anymore....I dun get it! A red light is up though so we have to slow down, but when he lets of the throttle an open flame easily bigger than our cars squirts out his exhausts and blinds me (it's night)!! This wasn't a flash...he actually has a huge flame burning for about a full second right next to me! And now, in my momentary blindness, is when my brakes tell me that I haven't bled them enough!! :lolhittin I'm slowing...slowing...but not nearly enough...engine braking now, slowing, slowing....o shit, minor ebrake, more ebrake....stop just at the light! OMFG hahahaah. I look over at him when he pulls up and they're smiling and totally stoked. We paced each other for a little longer but nothing worth writing about until we turn our own ways. I'm going to make some excuses on his behalf because I know what a monster he should have. A) It's untuned...maybe running way rich and why he shot a fireball of fireballs. I do remember hearing exhaust pops while he was in WOT B) too huge of a freaking turbo to spool yet...but I doubt it, if it doesn't spool by top of fourth it belongs on a jet. C) traction issues? I don't think he was spinning but then again, he was right beside me and it's not like I could take a gander at 100mph. D) small ass turbo, but they have gobs of torque already so I don't know why he would do this....I'll go with untuned :owned:

Anyways, thought ye who read this dead forum might enjoy....I sure as hell did

91 celica st
01-23-2007, 07:44 AM
Rickson by armbar

01-23-2007, 08:45 AM
huh? I know what an armbar is but who is Rickson and what does he have to do with the thread? :(

01-31-2007, 05:23 AM
this-----> :wiggle:

01-31-2007, 05:42 AM
Severly untuned... uber richness FTL.