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01-17-2007, 06:35 PM
If you go to your local parts stores, not advanced auto or auto zone, they dont carry it so that they can sell you an antifreeze change --
but your local home town or napa auto parts, They have or can order for you
antifreeze corrosion & rust inhibitor with water pump lub.

It comes in a little 8 oz plastic bottle and you pour it into your radiator, after letting the car cool down and releasing the pressure cap.
Do not put it in your overflow resivior because it cant get into the radiator from there.

This stuff really works. I bought 2 new cars in 87, a olds and a dodge colt.
I put the inhibitor in the factory original antifreeze of the dodge colt in 1995, when the antifreeze was already 8 years old and as of 2007 I have not had a single radiator or heater core leak.

By compairison, I neglected to put the corrosion inhibitor in the original factory antifreeze of the 87 olds and I just finished replacing the heater core last month because of my not using the inhibitor in that car.

So, for 3.99 of 4.99 , you can stop the corrosion of your radiator and heater cores, without having to spend 14.oo of a new load of antifreeze.

You should change the antifreeze at recommended intervals anyways, but how many people actually do that.
And look at me, I was too lazy to put in the stuuf I had already bought & paid for.

Actually, it got lost amoung the mess of tools and parts in my garage, never to see the light of day again. Some week, if I want to spend the whole week moving and sorting through several tons of good stuff, I may yet find it.
In the meantime , it was easier to just buy 2 more bottles of it. :brick:

One of these years, I am going to have the killer of all garage sales
and emerge with enough cash to get a fairly new used car.

I am waiting to get so old that I cant opperate my tools anymore, before selling them all off.

01-18-2007, 02:36 AM
This is very..... subjective.
the build quality likely has more to do with it than the stuff you put in the radiator.
an 87 olds.... quality was not job 1 so to speak.
in the parts, or the final product.

01-18-2007, 03:53 AM
I flush my cooling system every 7k with a chemical flush kit, and add the pump lubricant/anti deposit every refill (both made by prestone, yellow bottles). I just had my rad fan die on me and I can keep the engine temp low enough to drive on with just the heater set to max, so i'm pretty sure the system is clean :D Cheap insurance, about an extra $7.50 on an oilchange, not including the cost of antifreeze/water.

01-18-2007, 01:13 PM
I'll agree with you that the 87 olds is not much of a car, but it has ac and used to ride real nice before all the shocks leaked out their oil. One of the few cars left that still have front bench seats. Its not for going fast but for being comfortable on long trips with and 4 towing a trailer.

But ,if you dont want 2 do heater core replacements at 14 to 19 years old, then you have only 2 choices: either use the stuff I tell u about or change your antifreeze every 3 years.

I never claimed that either the 87 olds or the 87 colt were great cars, they are not, only every day drivers. I just telling u about a product that works.

Dont use it & I'll laugh when I read your post about how much fun you had changing out your heater core.